YMCMB is on top of the world lately.

They are pumping out hit after hit like a UFC fighter with a daddy issues.

However, they are also at the top of a tall list of lawsuits. They have recently been facing lawsuits from producers Play-N-Skillz,Bangladesh, Deezle, Jim Jonsin and David Kirkwood. Now Lil Wayne’s Young Money Cash Money Billionaires crew, (YMCMB…incase you didn’t already know what it stood for), is facing a new lawsuit over their music. A Georgia-based group recently served the emcee with a multi-million dollar lawsuit over his hit single ”BedRock.” Apparently Done Deal Enterprises is suing Lil Wayne, Cash Money Records and Young Money Records over their 2010 track “BedRock,” which was featured on the Young Money compilation We Are Young Money. According to the suit, Weezy and company stole portions of the Waynesborough, GA group’s copyrighted song of the same name and used it into their smash-single. Accoridng to the RIAA, Wayne’s track, produced by Kane Beatz, sold three million copies and helped pushed the album to gold status. Done Deal Enterprises is seeking $15 million in damages. YMCMB is due in court on October 12, 2011 to testify. A copy of the lawsuit can be found at AllHipHop.

Looks like Wayne wasn’t kidding when we said, “Young Money thieves, steal your love and leave.” Kidding, kidding, Wayne and YMCMB is cool with us!

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